Just looking for suggestions for how to troubleshoot this.

HP DL380 G7 with an external HP LTO-5 tape drive.
Separate controllers for the tape drive and the hard drive RAID.
OES 11 SP1 / SLES 11 SP2.
Arkeia backup software.

Everything has been working great for over a year. About 1.5 weeks
ago, I made the stupid decision to update the HP firmware. Backups
started failing from that point on. Arkeia claimed the hardware
failed. I talked to HP and they wanted me to install the latest cciss
driver, but that did not solve the problem. I managed to get a
replacement tape drive sent and installed it this morning, but no
change. I have a controller card that should hopefully arrive

Arkeia support says it is hardware failure so it is in my hands.
HP support was totally lost when they realized the server was running
linux instead of windows.
Novell support wasn't able to help.
I'm frustrated. If the replacement controller doesn't solve this, I
am out of ideas. Suggestions?

One other question...

/proc/driver/cciss/cciss0 references the P410i controller used by the
RAID. I have a P212/ZM controller that handles the tape drive. I
assume it also uses the cciss controller, but I can't confirm this.
How do I figure out what driver is used by the P212/ZM?