Is anyone else having issues using the java based console screen in Remote Manager (I assume this what people call "NoRM"?) on a 64 bit Windows 7 machine?
We just upgraded our workstations, these are brand new Dell Precisions, and now I can't manage our Network 6.5 boxen.

In Firefox, it won't 't even open the console window: in IE9, it opens, and I can manage to type in maybe 1 to 3 characters, then it freezes up, rejecting any further input.

I'm using the latest Java, jre7up21. I'm using the 32 bit version as the browsers are, I believe, 32 bit. (well... Firefox is anyway). At, both browsers past their test and show the latest version.

I wound up trying to install the 64bit version as well, then older version, and nothing worked, started uninstalling some older version, it got to where it broke the java plugin altogether, so I did a system restore from before all this nonsense, and if I go to and run the test, it works successfully.

I'm about ready to throw out this machine and hook my old one back up.