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Thread: ZENworks 11.2.3a update successful but ZDC Results fail

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    ZENworks 11.2.3a update successful but ZDC Results fail

    SLES 11 (64bit) SP1
    Update from Monthly Update 1 (11.2.1) to 11.2.3a
    Update was successful, but the ZENworks Diagnostic Center (11.2.3a) displays an error
    system-update.log (without errors) (Download log)

    ZENworks Diagnostic Center

    Database Verifier
    ZENworks Database Verifier
    All required tables are found in the database.
    All required database Procedures/Views are present in the database.
    ZENworks Content Verifier
    ZENworks Content Verifier
    All aliased content objects linked to existing content.
    All content objects reference to existing files.
    All content files are in consistent state.
    ZENworks File Verifer
    ZENworks File Verifier
    Following required files are missing.
    Severity 	Description
    ERROR 	Missing file: 
    ERROR 	Missing file: 
    Following required files are inconsistent.
    Severity 	Description
    ERROR 	File '/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/ZenServerVersion.xml' is inconsistent!!!
    	Size: expected = 2141, actual = 2141
    	Checksum: expected = 8ea77b5, actual = 2e037837
    	Owner: expected = zenworks, actual = zenworks
    	Group: expected = zenworks, actual = zenworks
    	Package name: expected = unknown, actual = unknown
    I understand from other topics forum file ZenServerVersion.xml not critical. But what to do with the other two files (ZPM)
    Maybe someone knows a solution to this problem?
    P.s> sorry for my bad english :-)
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