We're trying to deploy the Groupwise 2012 Windows client with Zenworks and we get an error during the installation of the msi : "Registry Editing has been Disabled by Your Administrator". The workstations are locked down by policies and users don't have access to registry.

By reading a TID (3919348) of Novell, we can read this :
"MSIs are made up of Standard Actions and Custom Actions (so are MSPs). Most MSIs are only using Standard Actions, and these are performed using the Windows Installer service when AlwaysInstallElevated is set to 1. However, there are some MSIs that will utilize Custom Actions."

And guess what : Novell theirself are using custom actions in their msi. We had to suppress 2 custom actions (with Orca) to get the msi installed : "BackupRegistrySettings" and "RestoreRegistrySettings".

We can read further in the TID :
"To do this, you can either ask the MSI author to change the Custom Action attribute that defines elevation..."

Is it possible in 2013 to get a msi for Groupwise which could be installed without problem??? Until now, every Groupwise msi has problems when you try to install it without administrator privileges. Please Novell, can you provide us a msi which could be installed on every platform without hacking!

Hope it helps somebody to get this stupid msi to be installed.