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Thread: Multicast from ZCM server vs master client performance

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    Question Multicast from ZCM server vs master client performance

    We're currently running performance tests on a room of machines for ZCM 11 imaging. Currently we can only multicast by using one workstation as a master and image the machines from the physical hard disk (switches not set up for routed multicast packets at present)

    Unicasting the image to the master using Tuxera driver is quick but the multicast to clients is much slow (double the time plus a bit more). We think this is probably due to multicasting a physical drive rather than an image loses the benefits of the Tuxera driver?

    If so how much performance gain would we see by multicasting from an image on the ZCM server vs the master \ client PC method? Should it be as fast as unicast from the server?

    (sorry for new thread but couldn't update my other multicasting one with a more appropriate title)
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