Procedural questions: I have a mailbox that receives throughout the day every day firewall logs. These are then automatically
moved into monthly folders, and the monthly folders are automatically moved to archives. Since the archive was getting
to be close to 300MB and we have limited disk space, I moved the archives successfully to an external USB disk drive for
permanent storage. I verified I can access the archives from the user mailbox since I have not yet changed the file location
path back to its original one (it's still looking at the external HDD).

Before I make that change back to the original archive path, can I re-do this process and append new archives into this
archive on the external HDD? Or will doing this same procedure later on over-write the archives already stored on the external
HDD, or create a new archive folder?

And if I change the archives back to the original path, at a later date if I want to view the external archives, what happens or how do I accomplish that? I can not delete these files, we have to keep them.

Thanks in advance,