I've successfully created a Windows 7 image using our Dell 7010 workstations. I used the MS Windows AIK and have sysprepped the image. This works fine.
I also have a batch of Lenovo S30 workstations that have Intel RST Raid controllers. If I put my base image down on it without having setup RAID, the image will work (I do have to apply an addon image for S30s for the chipset,lan,etc drivers). On the same machine, If I first create a RAID1 set (using Ctrl+I) and then put down both images on the RAID, the machine will not boot. I get an error about the bootmgr not existing.
I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong and wonder if someone can tell me where I am going wrong?

As a last resort, I popped in the Windows 7 disk and did a vanilla install and used f6 to install the same drivers as what my addon image are using. This does work and the machine is able to boot.

Thanks for any ideas and help.