we are using an application since 10 years now. This application use a share on an oes11 cluster. (it was on a Netware 6 before)
Workstation are Windows seven x64 mainly and some Windows XP (Novell Client 2sp3ir1+ Xp Workstation 4.91sp5ir1).

The application is used to managed business case. For each business case it creates a directory and several files in it. When you open the application on a device it open the last business case you were working on last time. You can decide to open another case, so the application create the list of all the busness case, then you pick up a case to work on it.

So our issue is the following :

user A open a case
user B launch the application and try to open a new case. When he do that the application failed when it browse the file system on a file from the case open by user A.

Normally the application browse the file system and display the list of the case. If a case is open by another user it just show that this case number is in use.

It used to work perfectly on a Netware 6 box, but it does not work on our OES 11 box.
If i put the share on a Windows box, the application is working.

This application is very important for us and our business, and i don't understand why it is not working anymore on an oes 11 share.
Can you help me to find out what it is going wrong ? I pick up a procmon trace and it only show INVALID HANDLE on the file open by user A
With Wireshark i don't see any error.

Any idea ?

NMAS is disabled, File caching is disable also.