If you ever need to open an SR for an issue with a snapshotted application, or simply want to do some basic testing prior to building a virtual application that requires snapshotting, a virtual command line console is an excellent tool:

1. Open ZAV studio
2. Start a new project
3. Point the startup file to C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe
4. Point the output file to any location you wish
5. Build

To test:

1. Run the virtual CMD.exe
2. Navigate to the location of the installed exe you want to virtualize and run it

The purpose of this test is simple: as we have not modified the configuration at all and have included no virtual file system or registry, this virtual CMD is running inside the xVM and using the file system/registry of the OS. This strips away all of the packaging elements that go into the snapshot process, allowing the cleanest possible test.

If the installed application runs under these conditions, but fails to operate correctly when built into a virtual application, there is something going wrong in the packaging process. This could be a file being left out of the virtual file system, or a setting that needs to be in place, etc. If the installed application fails to operate correctly using the virtual CMD, however, there is a more serious issue; an SR should absolutely be opened if possible, so the support team can assist.