I work for a PreK - 12 school district and tend to have problems keeping track of the daily schedule of the teachers. I have several in each building that move around to each classroom. The administrative staff creates a spreed sheet for the teachers schedule and I was trying to figure out a way to place that as a custom panel inside GroupWise so I could just view it as an option. I haven't figured out an easy way to get this to work the way I would like and was hoping that someone else has already addressed this issue and has come up with a unique way of dealing with this.

On the same subject. Has any school based GroupWise users deployed Published calendars for schools? I am trying to get my buildings to start posting those items on a School based calendar but have had some resistance in doing so. Any tips on how to make this easy enough that they will start doing so? Right now they spend half an hour calling around to the different departments trying to find answers to scheduled events. I have for the middle and high school areas a School calendar and Activities calendar setup and the grade schools just a school calendar. Any guidance on this would be great!