Hi all,
Am trying to get this to work to compare speeds and so on

Have set up a share on our primary server per Novell Documentation but once I configure it the end device never downloads any content at all. As soon as I remove the CIFS config from the location content works normally

I set up the share to be read only for the 'everyone' group (we are using AD here), so authentication shouldn't be an issue

If I look on the primary server at the open files list, I see a heap of content files marked as being access with read access which is good, however the content download doesn't progress on the client at all. On my list of open files I even see imaging files listed as being open which doesn't seem correct at all

I shared the content-repo folder out on our server and put it into the CIFS area as '\\servername.local.domain\content-repo'

DNS both forward and reverse is working properly

I found the context based help in the ZCC to be somewhat patchy and the online documentation about this very difficult to find - is this hidden deeply on purpose or have I just missed something?