I'm new to DSfW and have just read (parts of) the Administration Guide.
Reading the docu left me unclear about some topics...

1.) Since we want to use an existing eDirectory tree, we obviously need the
name-based setup. Our tree looks like this (simplified):

|-- Organisation Name (not partitioned)
|-- Users1 (partitioned)
|-- Users2 (partitioned)
|-- Users3 (partitioned)
|-- Other Containers

If I understand correctly, since we want all users be available for DSfW,
there is only one possibility: partition "Organization Name" and map this
partition as first domain of the DSfW forrest; then add the user containers
as child domain. Is that correct?

2.) We are using a non-Novell DNS server - and I don't know much about DNS.
If DSfW brings it's own DNS server, how does this integrate with the
existing server? Can I point only the DSfW servers to the new DNS server,
and let the client still user the main server? Which question should I ask
the DNS colleague?

Some earlier postings said that 3rd party DNS servers might be supported
with new releases - that's not the case for OES 11 SP, is it?

3.) User creation - the docu mentions only iManager and MMC. We are managing
users with scripts using the JRB utilities. Will those accounts
automatically DSfW-enabled? Our scripts set attributes like sambaSID, we are
using Novell Samba and Novell CIFS - will there be any conflicts? Does DSfW
use the same attributes as Novell Samba/CIFS?

Maybe somebody can shed some light on these questions, any information is
greatly appreciated.