We've been running our imaging tests mainly on our new machines (Intel DH61 with SSD) and with Tuxera loaded the base image takes about 15 minutes to download in Unicast mode. Yesterday we tried imaging an older machine with a standard 7200rpm HDD and were surprised to see it fly past the SSD machine and complete it 6 minutes!

To try and figure out what's slowing down the new machines we put the SSD into our older machine and again it flew through in 5 minutes so at the moment we're pointing finger of blame at the chipset \ drivers on the newer board.

When booting up we see the following listed as the product name \ drivers

DH61 (Intel 6 series) - Intel Cougar Point 6 port SATA AHCI Controller
DG41 (Intel 4 series) - Intel N10 / ICH7 SATA IDE controller

How recently have the ahci drivers been updated for the imaging engine? I'm wondering if they're not optimized for the newer chipset which is holding back performance?