Since I introduced a secondary DSfW DC I experience wrong DFS paths on
my only Win8 DSfW member computer, if the active path of
\\domain\sysvol points to the secondary DC. It points to the sysvol on
the secondary DC instead of the sysvol-msdfs.

This happens especially after extended uptime of the Win8 machine. It
does not happen on Win7 and XP clients.

One thing to take into account further is, that on Win8 UAC is on
whereas UAC is off on Win7 (and of course XP).

I already removed this machine from the domain and readded it without
changing that behaviour and I have no real influence on that, too - as
it just happens out of the blue and I see that group policies could not
be applied due to the incorrect path. If I turn this machine off in the
evening and turn it on the next day settings are correct at the
beginning, but turn wrong after 6-12 hours of uptime.

I have no idea where to dig further.

W. Prindl