I have a user on a Groupwise 8.3 post office running on Linux that has a functioning account, I ran a standalone GWcheck on the user and returns no major/uncorrectable errors. The user has a user.db and valid msg.db files. However, from ConsoleOne, when I open the Groupwise object(it DOES appear in the Groupwise View), there is no information in the Groupwise tab(no NGW: Post Office attribute or any others). I checked the "other" tab and there are no NGW attributes there either. When I try to Synchronize with eDir, I get a "Missing NGW: Post Office Attribute" error.

Possibly it may be a case-sensitivity issue? as the name appears in consoleone in all caps in ConsoleOne, whereas all the other users in the system are lower case. I'm not sure where that would cause a problem, but it might?

Any thoughts or suggestions? I just need to add a nickname for this user.