We have Data Sync 1.2.5 Build 250 on a Xen VM SLES 11 SP2, connected to GW 2012 SP2 and everything is running smoothly EXCEPT for one user.
They configured their GW email account on a Droid and on an IPad.
The Data Sync server shows both devices and that they have recently sync'd.
He is able to receive emails, but when he responds to them or creates a new email, neither one will send.
So, I added his account to my iPhone, (which is already configured with my account).
After adding him, I went into his account and replicated the same issue - receiving new emails but can not send any from my iPhone in his account.
I then went into my account and I was able to send and receive on the same iPhone.
This leads me to think that something is not right with his GroupWise account.
I did run an analyze/fix on his account and I resync'd his devices in Data Sync, but that didn't resolve the issue (I know - overstating the situation, that's why I'm here!)
I saw some suggestions about running an analyze/fix on the PO and then rebuild his account, but I wanted to get other suggestions if this doesn't work!
Would deleting him from the Data Sync server, then adding him back fix it?
Other suggestions?
Thanks! (Stan)