Looking for ideas on how to set and CLEAR the IE Proxy setting for:
use automatic configuration script


What good methods can I use so that if the laptop is taken off our network, ZCM bundle deploys that CLEARS the setting, then when the laptop is back on the network, it re-deploys the setting.

Currently I've got 2 ZCM bundles:
1 that sets the HKCU registry (since that's where apparently the setting is at), with system requirement:
configuration location is not "unknown"
"deploys" the reg key

The other one CLEARS the reg key and based upon system requirement:
config location equals "unknown"

The problems:

1) ZCM doesn't update the configuration location until it refreshes for some reason, so the user brings the device on-network, and has to wait 5-6 minutes AFTER they login for the agent to refresh to finally update the configuration location

2) If the bundle is user assigned, when they take the laptop off network, they don't get the deploy (because they're not logged into ZCM).

3) IF I change the deploy to DEVICE assigned, I have to deploy it AFTER login (deploying to HKCU doesn't work so hot if nobody is logged in), and if I set to "device refresh", ZAA refreshes, does NOT deploy because the configuration location hasn't updated yet.

I thought about changing the system req to IP segment, but it doesn't look like it can accommodate things quite the way i need.

We own a class B, but we segment with either a .24 or .23 subnet mask

Wasn't sure if there was some other way in Windows 7 and XP to have the OS know it's "not on the network" (I thought maybe DNS suffix?) and go that route??