I am installing DSFW to be used with VMware, and I have a couple of questions.

When I setup our main server (NetWare 6.5) I used "poohbear.ourschool.edu" as the server name and domain. Our I.T. dept. manages the domain of the whole school and I manage the network for our departments. Our two networks share the same physical network but we do not connect our servers.

Our school domain is "ourschool.edu". So the I.T. dept. has all their AD servers and the DNS, exchange
on the same domain that my servers resolve to in their DNS. I am worried that when I activate DSFW and
have it as "poohbear.ourschool.edu" that there may be conflicts. I asked our I.T. administrator and he
did not think anything would go wrong but he was not for sure.
Will I run into issues if the domain on my DSFW has "ourschool.edu" as its domain also.

or would it be better to use IDM I have licenses for this also?