There are various values stored in the registry and there exist methods
to retrieve data from this registry but where are those values stored
and how can I change them?

Many of those values are created during installation of the server and
if you mistype something in this process there is no mean of correcting
those values depite of wiping the server and install it fresh from
scratch - because even reconfiguring does not change all those values.
This is quite annoying if your server is already up and just because of
some typo you have to reinstall the whole thing. Had this just a few
days ago during installation of a DSfW server, where the registry
stored Administrator somehow missed the domain part in its FQDN and
even after correcting that in all configuration files the provisioning
wizard insisted in using that non existing account. Even reconfiguring
Edir and DSfW did not change that value, which is read from the

And if you lateron change the configuration of the server every major
upgrade ends in a mess, because the registry does not reflect the
actual configuration of the server.

I could not find a method to edit those values.
W. Prindl