So, we don't do anything very complex around here until we started imaging Windows 7 machines and all the silly sysprep nonsense. I've got the sysprep part down with the exception of computer (re)naming. Sysprep automatically gives the computer a generic name. The Zenworks agent is installed on the reference computer for technicians to have quick access to various things and make sure it works correctly; then "zac fsg -d" is executed followed by uninstalling the agent before the image is taken. The ZENworks client is auto-installed on first login. When imaged computers reboot the final time (image safe data present?) they have the generic sysprep computer name. Am I misunderstanding ISD? Is ISD removed when I uninstall Zenworks? We're trying to keep the agents current on our images with image explorer. Do I need to keep the agent installed?

What do I need to do to keep the previously registered computer name?