In my messages log on my OES11SP1 server I see every 72 seconds the
following messages:

xadsd: [RPC] Maximum open file descriptors limit is set to 65535
xadsd: Starting @(#)PROGRAM:xadsd PROJECT:novell-xad-framework-6297
DEVELOPER:abuild BUILT:Sun Jan 20 10:20:40 UTC 2013
xadsd: Novell Domain Services for Windows 1.0 (Framework 2.0.6297)
xadsd: Copyright (c) 2001-2011 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

Despite of that there is only one xadsd thread running, which has a
constant PID and is sleeping most of the time.

DSfW services are all up and running so I am questioning, what those
messages are from. Only at the initial start the whole RPC
registrations are logged. Even if it is no error the filling of the
messages log with these entries is nasty as you can't really look for
anything strange in the log as 99,9% of the log consists only of those

W. Prindl