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Thread: no access with LDAP

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    Question no access with LDAP

    I wan't to configure a LDAP source.

    serverURL: ldap://servername:389
    UserDN cn=name, o=Organisation
    Passwort ****

    The user name.Organisation can read the tree (I use this user also as zenproxy in ZCC)

    LDAP: GUID (because I use edir)
    Users: LDAP attribute: uid

    Base DN o=Organisation

    but no user is shown in the list and no users can connect. whats wrong?

    Tree for normal user is
    OU=personal oder OU=students

    so that we have users: name.personal.users.Organisation and name.students.users.Organisation

    I mark:

    Synchronize user profiles
    Register LDAP user profiles automatically
    When deleting users, delete associated user workspaces and content

    Synchronize group profiles
    Register LDAP group profiles automatically
    Synchronize group membership

    Allow Login for Local User Accounts, (i.e., user accounts not in LDAP)

    Is there somewhere a log file? I dont know where the error is. Maybe we have to many users in the tree? (about 600)
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