Wow, it is so fast compared to a P4 2.8 Ghz with 3 Gigs of ram and
No, I didn't get an SSD. Might get a hybrid drive when they get cheaper at
the local supplier.
I was happy with my old one, but it just blew more caps on the 3rd
motherboard it has been jury rigged with, so time to treat myself an i5 and
8 Gigs of ram with Windows 7 64bit. I found it interesting how the
motherboard has the cpu pins sticking up now, and my motherboard was
defective out of the box. Some pins were higher than others and 2 looked
bent. My supplier RMA'd it no questions asked and also mentioned he had
seen all kinds of crazy thinks there, like wire loops instead of pins.
Anyways, here's hoping I don't see brown capacitor juice for a very long