I'd say I'm having a slight problem but having just pulled a 30 hour stretch do dig myself out of the hole I dug for myself sleightís a bit of an understatement!

I've got an Netware 6.5 SP8 installation sat on an old HP DL360G5 that I'm trying to upgrade with more disk. The supplier has provided a DS2600 external enclosure with a P812 HBA (checking all the quickspecs this should be a working combination with 6.5sp8). The server is patched to the latest firmware and PSP for that server (according to HP's web site). I managed to install the HBA and configure the logical raid on boot which gives me a 2TB logical drive.

Trouble started when o/s started to boot. The server obviously tried to hdetect the new hardware and couldn't match any drivers to the P812, so I took the card out and rebooted the server only to discover that the internal P400i controller had been affected and the HPQCISS driver would no longer load. After much effort I managed to download, extract and install new drivers for the P400 and get the server back up.

However that still leaves me with a server I can't attach the new hardware to because the o/s doesn't have the right drivers. I beleive the P812 uses the HPQCISS drivers too though how that caused a problem with the existing P400i I don't understand. Does anybody have a link for the correct drivers that support both the P400i and P812 HBA's? HP's been as much use as a choccy fireguard because the server is well out of support and "nobody does netware anymore" (the fact that I've got comms rooms full of their kit doesn't seem to register with them).