Sorry, but I need a little hand-holding here. Haven't yet been able to get our WinPE 3rd party environment functioning.

How do I incorporate the latest WinPE NIC drivers all the way into our ZCM 3rd Party environment?? Understand, I'm not referring to ZCM native imaging/driver updates (unless that happens to be the solution). I have the original WinPE WIM distribution successfully uploaded to ZCM. If I need a more current WinPE WIM file injected with the latest drivers, I'm unlcear on how to do it, and subsequently integrate it to our 3rd Party environment.

I'm getting no WinPE session connectivity to our ZCM preboot server unless I manually add the driver outside of the "zenworktodo" environment. Getting to the ZCM Preboot Services menu just fine to begin the same session.

Greatly appreciate any insight. Even my current Novell Support Request isn't getting me on the right track yet.