I have been doing backups by simply copying files to a group of hot swap drives 3TB drives on a Windows 7 workstation. This was a temporary solution after loosing my tape drives and most of my server to a lightning hit. It's worked out well and when I built my new server I included a couple of hot swap bays in it to do the backups to. After spending most of the day yesterday searching the internet and being laughed at with the linux people in my project on IRC because NTFS-3g wasn't included by default in OES I finally figured out how to download the package and get the NTFS partition mounted on the server. So now I'm thinking it should be simple just open up nautilus, browse to the volume on the other server and copy the files. Open up network and nothing but a windows network folder that can't be accessed. Searched all night and most of today for a solution on how to see and copy the files from the other server. Thought I had it when I found this: Novell Client for SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1 Readme Figured great I'll just install that and I'm good to go. Go to download it and there is only a version for SLED nothing for SLES. Everything else I can find that is either related to migration or doesn't work.

So my question is how can I copy files from my existing Netware 6 and 6.5 (non-OES) volumes to a NTFS drive on my OES 11 server without involving a workstation in any way. I'm not trying to backup any trustees or rights just the raw data. I'd also like to keep it an NTFS drive as the only other machine I have that can support 3TB drives is this windows 7 workstation. If something happens to the server I can just drop the drive in the hotswap bay and still have access to the files. There are also no security concerns as it's a one person network.