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Thread: Imaging with WIM files

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    Imaging with WIM files

    Hello people.

    Could someone explain to me how to use .Wim files in ZENworks 11.2 MU2.

    The whole fuzz is that I have an .Wim image that I need to make available for distribution to those who wishes it. I want it to run with my PXE menu.

    So I have made a win7.cfg file, a win7.s file and modified my settings.txt and pxemenu.txt.

    It only wants to accept a .zmg file written in my .s file. If I write "img rp $proxyaddr win7.wim" it just says "image file path is invalid"

    So I am wondering, if someone could explain to me how to run Wim images through the PXE menu.

    I know that I can run it as a 3rd part image in ZCC, but I am not interrested in that. I want it to be able to push F12, and get the PXE boot menu, and then choose the image that suits for the person.

    If you cant explain it, it could be someone could zip their .cfg, .s, settings.txt and pxemenu.txt and mail it to me, then I might be able to get the solution from that

    Regards Henrik.
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