GroupWise 8 was manually installed. So when I got ready to upgrade to
GroupWise 2012, I setup a GroupWise 12.0.1 client bundle and assigned
it to a few workstations. Once I was certain it was working
correctly, I assigned it to the Workstations folder so everyone would
get it. I now want to assign the GroupWise 12.0.2 client bundle to
just a few workstations before pushing it to everyone. I tried it
with my workstation but of course I now have two icons on my desktop,
one for 12.0.1 and one for 12.0.2 - because my PC still has the 12.0.1
assignment it inherited plus the directly assigned 12.0.2 bundle. For
device assignments, what would be the best way to handle removing the
old assignment and applying the new on a PC by PC basis until I want
to push it to all devices?