Running GroupWise 2012 SP2. I've been asked to give a tutorial about
proxy and multi-user calendars. I've never had a need to use the
multi-user calendar so I just tried it out. As far as I can tell,
multi-user calendar is either a buggy mess or I just don't understand
it. I have proxy access to two other user's calendars so I added them
both into a multi-user calendar. If I look at the Multi-user Columns
view, everything looks normal. But when I go to the day, week, or
month views, I see all appointments from all three of us crammed
together on the same days with no idea who owns each appointment. It
looks like all the appointments for all 3 of us are all my
appointments. Is this how it is supposed to be? How do I just see
the day view for my own appointments?