i'm preparing the update to 11.2.3a on my Primary Servers(SLES 10/11).
At the moment we're on 11.2.2MU1.
I started zdc (with 11.2.2-pattern) on one server and it found a lot of
missing files, e.g.:

- ERROR Missing file:

There were about 25 files not found. Before imorting the 11.2.3a-Update
i deleted the old updates 11.2.2MU1 and 11.2.1 as it is recommended in
the readme. I think these are files which were deleted when the update
itself was deleted, so i think it may not be a problem?

- ERROR Missing file:

There are aout 50 errors like these, the missing files are all in the
mono-dir and underneath. They all have the ".mdb"-suffix, the files
without this suffix exist. Are these debug-files from Mono? I don't
think that these files are deleted when i deleted the old updates. I'm
not sure how to resolve these errors or if they can be safely ignored.

I started zdc on another primary, there are only the same files from the
downloads-dir missing, the mono-files are not mentioned. The funny thing
is, that the files with the ".mdb"-suffix don't exist there, too.

Any help would be appreciated.