I'm facing the process of moving my GW8 system running on NW6.5SP8 to OES11SP1 and there are a couple of details that I've not found a real straight-forward answer to.

Existing system (all on separate servers):
Main domain with the system's single PO: GW8 running on NW65SP8.
Secondary domain running the GWIA: GW8 running on NW65SP8.
Secondary domain running the GW8 WebAccess: running on OES11SP1
Secondary domain running a GroupWise 7 WebAccess: GW7 running on NW65SP8.

My main concern is the movement of the primary domain and its PO.

In the Novell documentation, as well as Danita's excellent guide for moving a GW system, no mention is made of changing the name of the email server.

All of my 400+ GroupWise users have their clients setup to access the GW system by name, not IP address.
I've no interest in having to roll out a name change for all of those users.

Novell's Transfer ID utility requires that the target server be set up as a pre-migration server, so that option does not appear to fit.

Option 1 would be:
Down the email system
Rename the existing NetWare email server
Create the target server with NetWare server's old name.
Move the GW system as per Danita's guide or use the GroupWise Server Migration Utility.
Make the necessary changes in C1 to insure proper operation of GW on the new server.

While relatively simple, it would require GroupWise being down the entire time.

The other option would be to follow Danita's guide, establish that the various GW components operate properly, change the names of both servers and then reconfigure all the various bits in C1 a second time.

Changing the name of a NetWare is pretty simple, but I've found little comprehensive info on doing the same for an OES11 server.

What I've found so far:
YAST can deal with changing the server name as it applies to the SUSE underpinnings.
I don't know if that covers all of the Apache/Tomcat bits, but those are fairly easy to deal with by manually editing the CONF files.

The OES11 documentation covers how to change the NCP server name.
Novell Documentation

There's also a TID from 2005 (TID10099717) that deals with changing the name of the NCP server for OES2 via ndsconfig, but I don't know if that's applicable to OES11SP1.

iManager can be used to repair the default server certificates.

The OESCommonProxy account can be created manually:
Novell Documentation

So that leaves all the various objects that get created in eDirectory like:
<servername>admin user account
LDAP group/server objects
NISSERV object
UNIX Workstation object
SNMP Group object
<servername>-PS object

Any insight is welcome.