Hi Everyone,

just playing with Filr, learning everything and I have hit a snag. I have downloaded the appliance v1.0 and run up on my ESXi 5.1 environment. All was ok but read that it would be recommended to upgrade to the latest VMtools and VM hardware.

I updated VMWare Tools, then upgraded the virtual hardware, and changed the NIC to be VMXNET3, all ok except my CPU sits at 100% and doesnt drop now.

I loaded GAnglia and could see for an entire day it sat there at 100% (10% System/90%User). Is this correct? do I have to upgrade any more hardware or drivers etc? Memory is sitting fine. I have a sync running every 15 minutes to a 20GB windows file share which completed days ago.

Anyone have any ideas? I know I am missing somthing or my lack of Knowledge on the SUSE platform has stuffed the VMtools upgrade.

Cheers, Charlie.