I currently have a Filr install and configured as a 'small' installation on a Active Directory network.

When I try to do a LDAP sync I seem to be getting a LDAP 'Size limit exceeded', however the credentials I am using are used for other LDAP querys / imports for other services, which don't have the problem.

I'm trying to 5000+ users into Filr, after doing some research on the LDAP error code 4, it seems that the LDAP import needs to support 'paging' to import more users than the Size Limit policy set in Active Directory.

How can I go about resolving this issue? I don't wan't to adjust the Active Directory Size Limit as from what I understand it can impact on perfomance of Active Directory. Will changing the Filr installation to 'large' resolve this problem? Is there anyway to turn on LDAP 'paging' for the 'small' configuration?

Hope this makes sense !