Have a Vibe 3.3 install on SUSE 11, and using GroupWise 8.0.3 on NetWare
6.5.8. The Vibe installation is actually the Vibe demo virtual machine
from Novell's site.

Everything seems to be working right now, except for two things.

1. When using the GroupWise 8 client, if I select any of the "Novell
Vibe OnPrem", "Favorites", or "My Teams" folders, I can see the Vibe
Feed micro-blog display showing entries for sites I'm following. But
clicking on the links does nothing, so I cannot use the Vibe Feed to go
directly to files, profiles, etc. The same Vibe Feed from the web
browser interface works fine when clicking links.

2. If I have e-mail notifications setup to let me know when changes are
made to a folder or file in Vibe, the e-mails are delivered to me just
fine. But once again, none of the links in the e-mails work. Clicking
on them does nothing. If I look at the e-mail message source code, I
can copy-and-paste the URLs directly into a browser and they work fine.

These may be GroupWise client issues, but I thought I'd look here first
to see if anyone had run into this.


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