SLES 11 Sp1
GroupWise 2012 Sp1
DS 1.2.4

I have two droid users (that I know of) that can not send appointments from their device. If they creat an appointment on their device and add a users e-mail address, then appt. will show up on their device and GW calendar, but the other person will never get the email/ appt. in GroupWise. The logs show that the appointment was created and given an ID, and it also shows that the processing SendMail request was sent, however it never arrives to the end user. there are no other errors in the log (set to Debug).

In my Development environment (SLES11 SP2 running using a Droid I do see an error stating !!!User is not organizer - not sending meeting request!!! and before that error there is one stating that Address is not in LDAP using app name Axxxxxx (whih is the user name). The closest thing I can find is TID 7006807 from last May stating that this was reported. Is there any fix yet?

BTW iOS works fine.......