I am getting a lot of these errors.

May 11 12:53:13 kazflr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:Trustees:PopulateTrusteeList: Could not get attributes for [smb://name of server/name of file] 110: Connection timed out
May 11 12:53:13 kazflr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:Trustees:PopulateTrusteeList: ret = -1, the_acl = system.nt_sec_desc.*, value =
May 11 12:53:13 kazflr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:Trustees::GetFirstTrustee: Trustee List is not populated

May 11 17:20:46 kazflr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:FAMTOperations::ProceeRequest failed unc: //name of file identity: domain\username session: 7H/UOQCcfJMktYrtxJJFGA==
May 11 17:20:46 kazflr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:thread_handler: request processing failed
May 11 17:20:46 kazflr01 [XTCOM]: ERROR:sendStatus: sending status ret: -15

I have removed all net folders except the home directories and the user is a member of Administrators which has full rights. The Windows server is 2012. It works fine for bout 12 hours then crashes.

Thanks in advanced.