Hi All

I know it's not recommended to have a Primary Server across a slow WAN Link but we relocated a couple of servers to interstate locations and found trouble when updating to 11.2.3a. We have 5 Primary's - 2 didn't move - 3 went to different locations - One moved server actually worked with non of the below changes. But it left us in a bind with 3 updated and 2 not updated Servers - so we could not move forward.

The system-update.log (/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/system-update/5011020300fc50000000002013041002/) stated the following
DEBUG;Getting content for INSTALL steps of update;;
DEBUG;Read timed out;;
DEBUG;org.apache.axis2.Axisfault: Red timed out;;

after a little research discovered no timeout parameters were set in axis2.xml (/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/conf)

I added the following (in parameters section at top of file for a delay of 30 minutes = 1,800,000 milliseconds {15minutes didn't work for us})
<! for socket timeout
<parameter name="SO_TIMEOUT">1800000</parameter>
<! for connection timeout
<parameter name="CONNECTION_TIMEOUT">1800000</parameter>

We rebooted Servers and from ZCC re-applied update & refreshed - system update installed. The axis2.xml is updated in the update procedure so the added lines are no longer in it.

My questions are
1) have I potentially caused grief for the future by modifying timeouts
2) did I need both entries.

I hope that someone smarter than me on the forum can answer these.