Hello all,

I hope this is not a re post, I have searched on the forum and Google and can not find anything and am in dire need of some help! I have a SLES 10 SP4, with OES 2 installed on it. It also runs Groupwise 2012. I have NSS setup and configured and it has been running great for the past 2 years. The other day a colleague of mine restarted the server cause it 'was acting funny'. Now that the server has been restarted, we can not access the groupwise nss volume. If I access the server from a windows machine(\\servername) all i get is the sys volume listing. I have gone on the console of the server and try to restart nss, it looks as if it starts up, but I can not access my NSS volume through windows using the server name or with the novell client. If I try to use imanager to check the pools and volumes, It says that the version file can not be read, and NSS may not be running on the server. If I use nsscon, and try to run any nss commands, /pools and /volumes shows everything as active. As I looked through log files I did find that ncp2nss is reporting can not open /_admin/Manage_NSS/manage.cmd the says ncp2nss halted(0). I have removed NDS and re added NDS, I have refreshed the NSS and NCP through Yast-OES Install, and I have verified that LDAP, and nam are running. If i go to the server console, I can navigate to the /media/nss/GROUPWISE volume and see all the files, and Groupwise is still working fine. I can not administer Groupwise and add users from Console one, and my backup uses the unc path to backup databases, which is not accessible. Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance