Hello -

I have been trying to PXE boot to image some of our labs. Obviously it is not best practice to connect a USB and manually image everything when a) time is short and b) staffing is short. That said, I have really been struggling to learn how to PXE boot to image.

I have a brand new 11.2.3a zone, all clients are on 11.2.3a. Because of the lack of actual documentation, i'm assuming that it is very easy. I went into ZCM -> Configuration -> Device Management -> Preboot Services and made sure that "Show Imaging menu if CTRL+ALT pressed" was enabled.

This being said, I had thought that if I had PXE enabled on a machine, I would then be able to press control + alt and have a imaging menu come up. When that did not work, I specifically chose a sandbox (physical) machine, added it to the zone, created an imaging task. It said it would take an image after rebooting. It did nothing. It booted back into Windows 7. I rebooted once more, this time networking booting it, PXE cannot find anything, press CTRL+ALT, nothing happened.

I feel as if this is a very simple thing to do, yet because of the lack of documentation, I'm not really making progress. I have read just about everything that could be related to how to do it, along with looking for a simple tutorial or something.

Do I have to do something on the server side of things? I'm running a VM of Server 2008 R2 specifically running Zenworks.

Any information would be great; thanks!