Hi guys!

We have GroupWise 8.0.x running on a Novell Netware OES 6.5 server patched to SP8. This server also provides file and print services. About 80 Win XP Pro users all in.

This server hosts the single GroupWise domain database with one PO, the POA, MTA and GWIA NLM agents and the NDS database.

A second Netware 6.5 SP8 server hosts the Web Access agent.

A separate (small) SLES box supports Data Synchroniser.

It all sits there doing exactly what it says on the tin, day in, day out and no grief. Has done so for many years including moving up from earlier versions of GroupWise (4.1) and Netware (3.12) as their new versions became available.

Now we want the extra goodies which come with GroupWise 12 - especially better support for all the smart thingies users are bringing into work.

My best interpretation of all the Novell and forum literature related to GroupWise 12 is:

1. We have got to install either a Windows or SLES server, which can go into the existing tree and context (?).

2. We have to move the existing GroupWise domain database and post office onto this new server (by just copying it?).

3. We have got to replace all the existing NLM agents (POA, MTA, GWIA and WebAccess) and run them on the new server (or servers?).

4. The SLES based Data Synchroniser can still sit there continuing to do its own thing albeit probably with an upgrade.

Have we got it right and is it correct that we cannot have a halfway step with some bits of GroupWise 12 running under Netware and other bits under Windows Server/SLES? We do expect we can still retain the NDS master replica on the Netware server.

Any suggestion about best options to retain the system stability we are used to?