Upgraded last summer to Zenworks 11, hoping to roll out Windows 7 during the year. We also went through a consolidation, almost doubling our student population, and almost tripling our staff. Also tripled our computer inventory. The learning curve hasn't been too bad from all consoleone to web based. I do really miss being able to administer everything from one place, but it is what it is. We do have a few issues though that I was wondering if anyone could help with. The problems are, in order of issues reported

1) Users get Zenworks login page, DLU doesn't seem to be working - restarting server and then the Workstation fixes this.
2) Zenworks Imaging, get license has expired - rebooting server fixes, or restarting the Preboot Services, Preboot Policy Service, and TFTP Service fixes.
3) Machines don't show user associated bundles, looking at the Zenworks Adaptive Agent, at the top, it says logged in as: not logged in.

The first two issues have been problems all year, usually get these reports at least once week.

My DLU policy is associated with both the workstations folder, as well as the entire LDAP-Edirectory folder. The only options I have in DLU are for "Use user source credentials", "Manage existing user account (if any)", and all users are member of Administrators+. No other restrictions, no file rights.

The server is running on Windows 2008 R2, 8GB ram, 2 CPU on a VMWare ESX box. I upgraded a couple of weeks ago to 11.2.3 so I could test the new Windows 8 machines we recently got in. (By the way, if anyone knows of a usb network adapter that works with Zenworks, please let me know. The new Windows 8 laptops don't have onboard nics.) I have also thought about putting in a second box, just to do imaging. In Zenworks 7, I could just copy the imgserv.nlm to another server and host the img files there. Is this possible in 11, or do I have to install the whole Zenworks piece on a server? I have also thought about going to SLES, but the few times over the year I've tried putting in a SLES appliance, I've gotten more of the DLU issues, but I'm still having them, so I'm not sure. I know all this doesn't fall under Policies, but since that right now is my biggest problem, I thought this the best forum to post in.

Thank you all for any help you can give.

Phillip Allen
Marion County School District.