I have Vibe 3.3 installed on SUSE 11, and am using GroupWise 8.0.3 on
NetWare 6.5.8. I have a mix of GW803hp3 and GW 802hp2 Windows clients,
with a mix of Windows XP and Windows 7 (32bit & 64bit) desktops. The
Vibe installation is the Vibe demo virtual machine from Novell's site.

I have been testing a team workspace in Vibe where I create tasks in a
workspace Task folder, and check the "Send an E-mail Notification to
Assignees" or "Send E-mail When Entry is Submitted" (either option shows
the same problem) to have a task message sent to the assignee's
GroupWise account.

The task is received in GroupWise, but in every test the "Due date" in
the GroupWise message window header displays as one day *after* the
actual due date. For example, if I schedule a task to be due on May
31st in Vibe, it appears as due June 1st in GroupWise (the problem is
also visible in WebAccess). "Mousing over" the task in the GroupWise
calendar or task list also shows the due date as one day after what it
should be. The body of the task does show the correct date, but that's
the only place it is correct.

Time zones for everything are correct, and this problem does not happen
when assigning calendar appointments, which are also e-mailed to an
assignees' GroupWise personal calendar in the same fashion.

I can see this being a real problem for our users, as this is being
evaluated for use as a project management tool where deadlines for
information submission is critical. We want to use Vibe as a central
tool for project collaboration and management, but have the individually
assigned tasks and appointments show up on each assignee's personal
calender (mobile sync needed). Having all of the task due dates off by
a day isn't acceptable.

Is this an issue with the messages created by Vibe, or an issue with how
GroupWise interprets those messages?

Any suggestions?


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