Hello all,

Our $$ people wanted me if possible to make the default setup for all these new Xerox MFPs be print double-sided, in B&W. I did that, using the GPD driver. But now it won't let anyone PRINT in color. I did not select the 'only allow B&W' option. But that's how it's acting. I've tried saving the settings as "Driver Default" and also as the mysterious "iPrint control" option, but it didn't seem to make a difference.

I'm trying to get more info from the folks in the field - but it's possible this is happening only with the 78xx series printers.

However, I'm wondering if anyone has come across this problem, and/or understands these options. It seems fairly innocuous, choosing "output B&W" and "2-sided" as the default. To me, "default" might mean it would go BACK to B&W if you changed it to color, but it's just ignoring the fact that someone chose color at all.

I'm running the latest iPrint on OES 11, SLES 11 sp1, if that matters. Driver=Xerox GPD PS 3.2.303.16.0

Thanks for any help!
Karla B