We have just upgraded to GW 12.02. We use Back Express as a backup

I;ve checked and:

smsconfig -t

loaded TSAs are:
tsafs --EnableGW

When I go to my Backup Express Console I can no longer see the DOm,ain adn
PO's and Syncsort have advised that I need to also load tsafsgw.

However, if I tray and load that I get an error sayin something like cannot
dynamically load libtsafsgw.so.
In fact libtsafsgw.so doesn't exist.

Do I really need to have tsafsgw loaded? and If so, where to I get
In the NetWare days the tsafsgw allowed backup while GW was running but now
in the OES Linux days can I now just backup the GroupWise Folders?
Not sure what to do here.