Hope not connected to ZCM, but ... . Only major thing I recently changed on device is ZCM (upgraded agent to 11.2.3). So, 11.2.3. Windows XP.
Yesterday we logged in on device with local account. Then logout and then tried to login with domain account and ... device hang on. NAL window did appear ok, but nothing after that - only power button did help out. Today same story on same device. Also, on another device with 11.2.3 agent I logged in with local account, then out again and in again and then it hang on during logout -- Windows XP saving settings and ZENworks logout policies windows appear and ... ping was ok, remote agent did work, ZCM in green ... but on file level ... no access anymore (no access to admin-share), no options to proceed behind desktop (even mouse does work and can move windows).
Does it ring a bell ... ?
More thanks, Alar.