I am new to this forum and to Novell products in general. I thank you in advance for your understanding. I am administrating a Novell OES 11 setup runs on SLES servers. I am experiencing a weird error on my iPrint server. We have just finished changing all our printers to new models. We are using Ricoh Aficio printers of models MP201, MPC3502, MPC4502 and MP6002.
Lately I am getting this error: a client reports that a printer is not accessible. Checking the printer status in imanager (‘Manage Printer’) returns an IPP error 0x406. If I am looking in the other menus under this option, the error code returns but in different relations (not always as IPP error) which led me to assume that the error is actually something else. I have checked the Print Manager and found that the printer is missing from the Printer Agents list. As I understood it, it was the printer queue that got corrupted in a way. The eDirectory object is still there so the imanager cannot manage the printer which is ‘still there’… So that’s why I get the error. I found a way to solve this by deleting the Print Object in imanager and then create it again using the same navn (and ip offcourse). I am using Zenworks to deploy the printers to clients and if I use this method, my users don’t experience so much change – if any. Still I don’t understand the cause of the error and now that I have experienced it twice, I decided to ask the forum. I hope it is OK. I have more than 100 printers on 24 different locations. I am a little bit concerned.
Is there anybody that can help shading light on this error?

In advanced – thanks! 