A very simple order of events

Bundle consist of 3 steps

Actual action

Pre-script is working fine (iso gets mounted):

Run as logged in user

Wait before proceeding to next action: When action is complete

@echo off
@echo this script mounts iso as drive V: on the system
C:\Progra~1\Elabor~1\Virtua~1\VCDMount.exe /u
waitfor11 3 /nk
waitfor11 7 /nk

Actual action does fail: (I see no reason why, V: is local drive accessible
to anybody)

Run as dynamic administrator

Post-script does not seem to even run

So what happens: iso gets mounted & then I get an error
Iso IS mounted as V: so there is no reason why the setup does not actually
run as dynamic administrator

I can right click & chose run as, in which case it works fine

But definitely NOT what I need!