I am trying to set up my first Filr appliance, doing the most basic all-in-one setup just following the documentation. I am up to 3.1, the step where you choose Small Deployment then enter and confirm the password for MySQL administrator and the default locale.

No matter what I type in as the password I keep getting "Unable to set up admin password" message. It comes up when I click "Finish" trying to apply the default locale ( I keep it as English(United States) ), I can see "Please wait .." and "Creating Database.." flashing very briefly before the error comes up.

The Filr Server Configuration Wizard is displayed.

Select Small Deployment, then click Next.

On the Database page, specify and confirm the password for the MySQL administrator.

If you need to change this password at a later time, you must use the native MySQL tools to do so.

Click Next.

In the Default Locale field, select the default locale for your Filr site. This is the language and locale that Filr uses when users first log in to the Filr site.

Click Finish.
I have recreated the VM including the HDD and re-imported the OVF template but stil get the same error. Obviously I am doing something wrong .. but what is it ?