H all: Long story - short. Due to an SMT issue, I replaced the YaST_Default_CA as it had expired. This went smoothly and I was able to export the "common server certificate". HOWEVER, it seems that I have corrupted the iManager certificate and now cannot register with Novell via "suse_register" as I get this error message:

error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol

I have confirmed that I can get to Novell fine using: curl -v --trace-asci /tmp/sutrace.txt https://secure-www.novell.com/home/
I cannot connect to iManager on the server using: curl -v --trace-asci /tmp/sutrace.txt https://server/nps/imanager/
The second command above yields the same curl 35.

So, has anyone else seen this issue and/or knows the cause and fix? All help greatly appreciated, Chris.