We have a freshly installed Reporting Server (11.1) running on ZCM11.2.2 Primary on SLES11 SP2 (external Sybase DB). Some reports run fine, but on others (specifically, "Purchase Record Detail" and "Purchase Record Summary") we get errors when running the report. The first time we run it, we get "Cannot initialize Report Engine server. (Error: RWI 00226) (Error: INF)". Then, trying to run the report a second time straight away, and we get "Invalid session. Please close your browser and log on again. (WIH 00013)". Try again, and it's back to the 00226 error, and around it goes.

The first error is mentioned in TID7007710, and I have run these fixes, but this problem persists.

Digging deeper, I've found that the WIReportServer.bin process appears to be crashing, then restarting, when running the report the second time. This might explain why the session is no longer valid. The crash shows up in /opt/novell/zenworks/share/boe/bobje/logging/WIReportServer.bin_*.log, including:

kc3_bo_intl_wstring.cpp:724:static bo_wstring c3_intl::Context::GetDominantLocale(const bo_utf8string&): TraceLog message 1
2013/05/21 05:06:24.643|>>|E| | 6539|1538268016| |||||||||||||||**ERROR:C3_MULTIL_INTL_BO_WSTRING:c3_intl::Context::getDominantLocale failed : Generic application exception (Locale:) [kc3_bo_intl_wstring.cpp;724]
accessRepoProxy.cpp:176:void repoProxyAccessImp::ShowError(const utf8string&, const utf8string&, int): TraceLog message 2
2013/05/21 05:06:25.795|>>|E| | 6539|1538268016| |||||||||||||||Error! repoProxyAccessImp::getUniverseSecuriteInfo() : [repo_proxy 36] UniverseFacade::getUniverseInfo - ISInfoObject has not been found
I've also tried re-installing Reporting Server, but the same problem occurs.

Any ideas?